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Nancy's coaching has been life changing. 

She turned me from ambitious and raw founder into a leader. Each session created incremental, but tangible results. The process involved video calls with me and my managers, surveys and assignments.  

I recall, in our first session, Nancy asked what do I want to get out of the coaching. My response was I want to conquer the world. A year later, I feel I know exactly how to get there. Thank you Nancy.  

Namik Abdulzade Technical Co-Founder at BounceX

I would HIGHLY recommend Nancy

After losing my husband of 14 years, becoming the primary care giver for my aging father suffering from dementia and going through the sale of the company I worked for as the top executive Nancy helped put things in perspective for me and create a sense of balance in an otherwise hectic life. She helped me see the bigger picture, give myself permission to relinquish the "superwoman" cape and realize my best was good enough, and develop strategies for consistency. I would HIGHLY recommend Nancy to anyone going through the challenges of life. She is a consummate professional and great at what she does.  

Angel Uddin AVP, Talent Acquisition Diversity & Inclusion Manager 

Nancy is an excellent coach

Nancy is an excellent coach and I would recommend her to anyone seeking professional development assistance. I find her patient, a fantastic listener, and terrific at coaching through various situations. Consider yourself lucky if you have the chance to work with her!  

Divya Chopra Global Program Management — Facebook Community Boot

She brings insight & experience

Nancy is an excellent coach. She asks tough questions, helps to define goals, assists in setting the right actions and steps, and helps to evaluate results. She has insight, experience, and creative tools to assist in getting through challenges as well as reaching results. I highly recommend Nancy for professional coaching.

Anna Deuel Administrative Services at HelpSystems, LLC

Highly engaging and effective 

When Nancy lead Strengths-Finder Workshop for my global team, I found her to be highly engaging and effective across cultures and timezones, even in a virtual meeting format. Nancy helped each team member to determine and then communicate their native strengths, enabling them to focus on the areas of greatest business impact and personal satisfaction.  

Her interactive style and personal attention ensured each member was fully engaged. I realized the full value of Nancy's work over the next couple of years by leveraging the insights we gained to optimize the team and significantly enhance our value to the business at Cisco.  

Edward Mattingly

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