Results-Focused I Strengths-Based I Heart-Centered 

Executive Coaching to Rewrite Your Operating System

The Rocket Coach System

In physics, escape velocity is the minimum requirement to break free from gravity. My coaching is designed to break you free from the limiting habits and beliefs that keep your life smaller than it was intended to be.

Informed by proven strategies & techniques
From my work with some of the world’s foremost thinkers in the world of personal and professional development.  

Fueled by a compelling vision for the future
Together, we will rewrite your operating system and refine your vision of the future.  

Held firm by unrelenting accountability
As your coach, I will be fiercely committed to bringing forth your full potential.

How We'll Work Together 

Depending on your circumstances and goals, we will structure our one-on-one coaching services to best ensure your success. 

  • Video Calls/ Phone Sessions  
  • Customizable Scope The focus of our coaching sessions may be on career, business, personal relationships, spirituality, health, finance, and likely all of the above.  
  • Personalized Frequency  

The Cost of Coaching

 The success I’ve found in my coaching business is not due to fancy marketing ploys or selling myself at networking events – it is due to producing outstanding results for my clients and refining the strategies that are at the core of my Rocket Model for coaching. It is a model proven to create lasting positive change in business and in life, for those who are willing to do the work.  

My services are priced to reflect the value of meaningful change. Coaching engagements begin at $5,000. In my experience, making real change is not inexpensive, but it’s affordable when you’re committed.

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